BEST Novi Sad

Local BEST group (LBG) Novi Sad was founded at the University of Novi Sad which incorporates 14 faculties. Just like Novi Sad has multicultural inhabitants, BEST Novi Sad has members from different faculties. Our LBG is now 13 years old and is slowly entering puberty. Over the years we grew and matured… Today, our family has:

  • 14 observers
  • 13 baby members
  • 13 full members
  • 60+ alumni members


What we’ve accomplished

By the end of 2016, 400 students from the University of Novi Sad have attended an informal BEST gathering or visited some of the numerous European universities in order to attend a BEST course.


Over 350 students from all over Europe that were accepted to our academic courses were hosted by us. We’ve introduced them to the beauties of Novi Sad and Serbia, as well as with our culture and customs.


We have organised 7 engineering competitions and this year will be our third participation in the EBEC (European BEST Engineering Competition) competition, Europe’s biggest engineering competition with 3 rounds (local, regional and final round).


We will continue to grow and support students from the entire BEST network to the best of our ability. Together we will achieve our vision of empowered diversity.

Our BEST gallery

But let us not forget our mascot, peacock Gari. Gari is a jargon word, characteristic for Novi Sad, meaning a friend/pal or an unknown male person. That is why Gari is called Gari, but why a peacock? Is it because it symbolizes immortality? Is it because peacocks are beautiful? Both? Want to find out? Come and meet our BEST family.

Gari the Peacock