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Novi Sad days of engineers

“Novi Sad days of engineers” is a project aimed at engineering students who want to improve themselves, as well as their engineering and presentation skills. Within the framework of this project, there will also be an “EBEC Novi Sad” competition, which consists of two categories: team design and case study. In addition to competing in two categories, the project also includes workshops on various topics.

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Vision and mission

Empowering diversity

Creating a community of people who understand and respect different cultures and societies. Such an environment where diversity is empowering, provides opportunities for students' personal development and supports them in reaching their full potential.

Developing students

BEST helps students to achieve an international mindset, to reach a better understanding of cultures and societies and to develop the capacity to work in culturally diverse environments. BEST creates opportunities for personal development of students and supports them in reaching their full potential.

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Our projects


Academic Seminar

BEST Novi Sad, in cooperation with one of the faculties of our university or a company, organizes an international academic seminar on various topics every year. This seminar is aimed at both international and domestic students.

Local Academic Seminar

BEST Novi Sad, in cooperation with various companies, is organizing a local academic seminar. Through a series of lectures, the participants of the seminar will get acquainted with some of the selected technologies. This seminar is intended for all students from our university.


Artificial Intelligence BattleGround is a programming team competition in the field of artificial intelligence. Teams of 3 or 4 members each have 20 hours to design their own models and algorithms as well as implement code using programming languages: C ++, C #, Python, Java or JavaScript.


A two-day event aimed at pointing out the importance of both non-formal education and volunteerism, and presenting to students all the possibilities of successful development, in addition to university education.


EBEC Novi Sad is a student engineering competition where teams of four students compete in one of two categories - case study and team design. The competition consists of three rounds: local, regional and final. The winners of each round continue the competition in the next round.


praviTI is a high school engineering competition designed for high school graduates who want to share their ambition and creativity as well as the team spirit and also to express themselves through the competition. A team of 4 high school students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in the category of team design.


praviTI je srednjoškolsko inženjersko takmičenja namenjeno maturantima srednjih škola koji žele svoju ambiciju i kretivnosi, kao i timski duh da iskažu kroz takmičenje. Tim od 4 srednjoškolca se svoje veštine će imati prilike da pokaže u kategoriji timskog dizajna.


A two-day event aimed at pointing out the importance of both non-formal education and volunteerism, and presenting to students all the possibilities of successful development, in addition to university education.
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Others about us

Gorenka Bojadžija

Forensic scientist

In one sentence: BEST, Local Group Novi Sad is the best "company" I have worked for so far. And I worked with pleasure. Being involved in this international student organization has made a profound impact on my career paths and shaping in a world of responsibility and initiative. Through my work at LBG Novi Sad I was confronted with my own affinities, abilities and weaknesses. I was given the opportunity to test myself in an environment of equally ambitious and capable colleagues from whom I learned the postulates of success: responsibility, organization, communication and teamwork. I was not always at the "task level", but I tried to draw lessons from it. As stated before, BEST is a platform for personal development according to one's own plan and preferences, with selfless and professional help from colleagues at the home University, as well as from all over Europe. Such an opportunity is not missed. LBG Novi Sad will be remembered for its incredibly energetic, intelligent and capable young people, because of which I know that, even when it is very difficult, this planet is still a beautiful place to live. To future generations of students, I would like to say that membership in BEST is mandatory 🙂 and go ahead, because the world has no boundaries for you!

Jovana Međo

President of BEST Novi Sad 2017

“As a law student at BEST, I joined out of curiosity and that's when a love that lasted more than two years was born. Thanks to BEST, I have built myself up as a person, learned a lot of things, gained new perspectives and most importantly, made friends for life. After spending so much time in the organization, I realized how great the privilege it is to be a part of it, because the energy of all of us, in any city in Europe, is something that cannot be described but must be experienced.”

Katarina Ćoćić

FTN 2019 the best student

“The BEST has been a part of my life for two and a half years. I was able to develop myself as a person, adjust my character and learn the right ways to communicate. I have met a lot of people and I can say freely made friends for a lifetime. I am grateful for all that I have learned and I know that me being a member of BEST is exactly the key to what I am and what I am about to become.”
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